Libyco berber writing a letter

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Berber Latin alphabet

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There are now three writing systems in use for Berber languages: Tifinagh (Libyco-Berber), the Arabic script, and the Berber Latin alphabet. Different groups in North Africa have different preferences of writing system, often motivated by ideology and politics.

Scripts! Tifinagh writing! Tifinagh and consonantal writing systems! Eugene Buckley! UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA! References! •!Descended from Libyco-Berber, through long period of minimal attestation.!

•!A letter therefore still STANDSFORthat syllable.! The Berber languages were originally transcribed using the ancient Libyco-Berber script, of which the Neo-Tifinagh alphabet is the modern representative. The use of a Latin script for Berber has its roots in French colonialist expeditions to North Africa.

[1]. The Berber languages, also known as Berber or the Amazigh languages The languages were traditionally written with the ancient Libyco-Berber script, There are now three writing systems in use for Berber languages: Tifinagh, the Arabic script, and the Berber Latin alphabet.

Libyco-Berber 3 c. BCE. Tifinagh; Paleohispanic (semi-syllabic) The Arabic alphabet Instead of writing the letter twice, Arabic places a W-shaped sign called shaddah, above it.

Note that if a vowel occurs between the two consonants the letter will simply be written twice. The Libyco-Berber script was a pure abjad: it had no vowels. Gemination was not marked. The writing was usually from the bottom to the top, although right-to-left, and even other orders, were also found.

Libyco berber writing a letter
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